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Illustrations by Daniel L Martin

The past is a place Tilly has fought tooth and nail to forget; a dark cavern she hasn't dared to look back on in almost a decade. Living comfortably in the care of an underground crime ring she wants for nothing, and is doted on by the very man who kidnapped her, Cain Black. Blinded by Stockholm Syndrome Tilly's life is a harmonious balance of work and play; however this quickly changes when a second girl is kidnapped and is forced through basic training to become Tilly's partner in crime. Secrets are uncovered and the fate of everyone is drastically altered.


Will Tilly fight to walk in the light again, or is she trapped by the darkness, bound to run with the wolves forever?

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Available as both a

paperback and e-book

Second in the series- Moon Child 

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Leaving England and The Pack for her new life in California doesn't have as many perks as Tilly was promised. Now a lone wolf, Tilly must re-live her past in order to move forward into her future, but what happens when this new-found freedom boils down to just another kind of imprisonment. With arguments breaking out left right and centre, mysterious shadows lurking in the dark and an unwanted face from the past creeping up on her, Tilly fights to keep her head above the waves.


When Tilly reaches breaking point and lashes out in the only way she knows how all hell breaks loose and she finds herself in jeopardy. Will Tilly ever find her happily ever after? Or will the Wolves chase this moon child to the grave?

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Available as both a

paperback and e-book

Illustrations by Jess Bentley 

Coming Soon- Untitled Project

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Born to be a novelist Abi, just like lots of children, started writing at only four years old however, unlike many, she never lost her passion for creating stories that stir the emotions. Running With Wolves, her debut novel, is the first of two about Tilly, a child of our time.

Going to school in the beautiful city of Ripon which was, it is increasingly probable, a key inspiration for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, her rabbit holes, Mad Hatters and all, Abi had all she needed to take the first steps to being an inspiring and exciting Author.



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